MARS is hosting again 1+1 TALKS event after one year.

Artist 2016 - 26th International Istanbul Art Fair hosted last week a
cluster of exhibitions that were brought together under the title *Unexpected Territories*. Erden Kosova has invited Ezgi Bakçay, one of the coordinator of the event to talk about her experiences about this collective project, which responded to possibilities of opening up and bringing together new critical positions against the double trouble of political repression and commercialism.

Ezgi Bakçay has been teaching theoretical courses at the fine arts faculty of Marmara University. She is currently holding the curatorial direction of Karşı Sanat gallery.

Erden Kosova is in the editorial board of the e-journal, He also contributes to the production of visual art events at Maxim Gorki Theather in Berlin.

1+1 TALKS events organised by Sencer Vardarman.

MARS is supported by SAHA as part of “Grant for the Sustainability of Independent Art Initiatives 2016–2017”.