Along the Way by Ayça Köseogullari

New York based artist Ayça Köseogullari, works with the idea of creating a personal universe using pen on paper drawings. The use of a sequential language and the obsessive decisiveness convince the viewers that the drawings stem from a true need. Ayça creates an imaginary cosmogony whilst attempting to define the universe from her own perspective. The lack, in artist's drawings or in other words, the space between the contours of the paper and her marks is exactly where the potential of production is liberated. Her drawings tap into the tension between the foreground and the background, what is depicted and what is not depicted, constantly reminding the viewers, this is a medium that channels the artist's hand into a form. The artist is perhaps not so much investing in creating a series of signs or symbols—which these drawings could absolutely be interpreted as—but rather in the critical act of drawing, obsessively, perceptively, acutely. Her earlier landscape drawings are transformed into a mental cartography, developing to become her work today. Ayça creates a point of contact between herself, the works, and the viewers, carrying the viewer to an intuitive plan of time and space.