Internal Design

Sercan Apaydın

MARSistanbul will be hosting solo exhibition of artist Sercan Apaydın, titled ‘Internal Design’, opening on April 11th 2018, Wednesday, at 18.00. The exhibition, on view through May 5th, includes works by the artist created specific to the MARSistanbul venue.

Apaydın, who focused on the themes of unmanned spaces/places as well as the subject of the ‘city’ and produced mostly in the form of collage in his earlier works, now transforms his work from installations into interior experiences, in the form which he names, ‘internal design’. The show displays an ironic perspective on the functionality of the interior in defined exterior. The artist, who intellectualized and internalized the limiting aspects of thematic subject matters in his early paintings, deepens such awareness with his recent works which spread out of the canvas into the physical space itself. Thus, Apaydın re-creates his relationship to contemporary art, by emphasizing himself as a ‘social being’, based on his own problematics and necessities.

Having completed his training in painting, Sercan Apaydın (1983, İzmir ) lives in İstanbul,Turkey. Focusing on the concept of ‘existential solutionlessness’, Apaydın questions elements of the city and its living spaces, boundaries, and a constant need to settle in an environment, through the relationship he has built between himself and his surroundings. The artist’s work mostly consists of collage and sculptures. Commenting on the space that the physical being of an individual occupies, as well as the dialogue between the life cycle and surrounding spaces, the artist has used abstract geometric designs, found objects, painting material, to create installations in his most recent work. Apaydın has had two solo exhibitions, titled ‘Derin Boşluk’ (2015) and ‘Sahibinden’(2017).

MARSistanbul is an independent art initiative founded by artist Pınar Öğrenci since 2010 and is supported by SAHA as part of “Grant for the Sustainability of Independent Art Initiatives 2017–2018”.